Blood Angel of Wrath – In the Shadow of Mighty Wings

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shadow of might wings
Come see a fantastic looking Blood Angel Praetor for the hosts of Baal from Lil Legend’s iconic “In the Shadow of Mighty Wings” project!

“Angels are agents of wrath, or revelation.”


The Encarmine Blade. Praetor Tertius of the 405th

“Charting the histories of the legions after the Fall of the Arch Traitor is a problematic endeavour. In an era rife with misinformation, falsifications, mass purging of data repositories and the reformation of Adiministratum, clear, concise scholarship concerning this era is a messy affair. However is it the burden of this humble servant…[text goes into a lengthy essay about the role of the scholar – edited for brevity]
…What solid facts we have concerning the IXth host, the Exalted Blood Angels Legion is sparse… 
Praetor Tertius Belarius, , named as the Encarmine Blade in several sources, served aboard the Starfall [Lunar Class Cruiser] scouting the Perditia Veil in the latter part of the Great Crusade. He is logged as having served in the scouring of Mandax and is commended by his superior [Praetor Primus Anchious Obirex] for decimation actions against Third Legion warships. 
Belarius served in the defence of Terra but in what capacity and whether he survived is unknown. However, amongst the ranks of the Blood Angels there exists a legend concerning a Chapter relic [cross reference the Encarmine Blade, Sword of Belarius] was gifted to the Praetor by Primarch Sanguinius himself. It is unclear whether the blade was given to Belarius before the Siege or Terra or during the dire time. It is also unclear whether the blade was named or whether it later adopted the epithet the Blade Encarmine in honour of Belarius. 
  Further reference to Belarius are scattered throughout the annals of second founding mythology (one cannot call such reorganisation anything other than a mythos). Reports site that Belarius became the first Chapter Master of the Blood Angels, contradicting the documented history of Raldoron ascending to this position. If this Praetor survived he would have been one of the Legions highest ranking and most experienced military assets, eligible for reassignment as Chapter Master of a second founding chapter.”
– Myths of the Second Founding; Chapter IXX – The Hosts of Baal, Children with Earthly feet. 
By Adept Historomancer Belquin Levi
I was privileged enough to have been in the hobby when Warhammer Monthly started. As a child I devoured the stories and spent the proceeding month contemplating the story. The episodic nature of the stories made the tales feel epic. Waiting month to month to find out if Leonatos was successful in his quest has left an impression on me. From the very first comic strip printed in White Dwarf I was intrigued as to who Belarius was. All we know of him was that he was a mighty hero of the Legion who was gifted a sword by Sanguinius himself and went on to become the first Chapter Master.
Editors Note: Google BLOODQUEST and Bobby Wong!
I knew from the very outset that I didn’t want the Praetor’s feet to touch the ground, and that his countenance should be angelic. I have a theory that while the gene therapy of other Astartes makes them look bulbous and overly muscled, for the Blood Angels their inhumanity take the shape of otherworldly beauty. I also wanted a larger scenic base for him to stand on, akin to other personalities in Forgeworld’s Character series.
The base is made from the Abaddon and Loken diorama, cut up and repositioned. The central fallen cathedral nave made the perfect base to attach Astorath’s jump pack to. The model is them converted from Sanguinary Guard parts and the Sanguinor. Because this is a Heresy era piece I didn’t feel non metallic metal to be appropriate (it has a slightly cartoony feel, at least when I do it, that is at odds with hyper realistic dirt and weathering look of the Heresy). The metals I used are a combination or Forgeworld’s excellent gold paints and Vallejo’s airbrush metallic paints. I shaded the metallics with inks for tonal variation and oil paints for the very deepest recesses.

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