Nob Bikers Just Got an Upgrade From Maxmini!


Ork Nob Bikers are an awesome sight for sure. Check this badass Ork out on his warbike from Maxmini! 

Via Maxmini

Badass Orc Biker $17.65


This set contains one large Orc Biker . It has parts allowing you to assemble the kit in variety of ways (different heads, powerclaw instead of axe). It contains:
-bike body
-bike front
-orc body
-axe arm
-2 axes
-4 heads

This Badass Orc Biker can be used as your Ork Warbiker Nob to lead your squad of crazy Ork Warbikers! WAAAAAGGGH!

The red ones go fasta!

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