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Come see the new detachments, relics, datasheets and discover which piece of wargear has gone missing for the Inquisition!

We collected the rules for the Sisters from THREE different sites that had access to the rules this weekend. Come see this epic summary!

First off here’s the new Table of Contents from Bell of Lost Souls:


Right off the bat, you have 9 Armies in this book.  You will note that several of these are very tiny affairs such as the Legion of the Damned (4 pages), Cult Mechanicus (6 pages) and Aeronautica Imperialis (6 pages).  Several of the forces in the codex are teensy mini detachments you can easily shoehorn into your existing army for a little flavor.  The big forces that you really pay your money for are the Adepta Sororitas (25 pages), and The Inquisition (18 pages).

These both have a decent set of units and some surprises. Easily enough to build an entire standard sized army around if you wish. A key point is the Sisters and Inquisition detachments in this codex are NOT identical to the earlier digital versions out for the past couple of years.  These are updated and expanded lists.  Finally note that Mechanicus, Deathwatch and Grey Knights are in here with alternative mini-sized detachments for those looking for just a splash of the faction, rather than the full codex version of the force you can build with their existing stand-alone codexes.


The Combat Phase Podcast got their hands the new Codex Imperial Agents and are spilling the beans! Checkout their Sisters rules breakdown:

Codex: Imperial Agents

Hardback, $40 US; Pre-order Dec. 10th, 2016; 136 color pages



(No one suspects…) The Inquisition

Our final entry includes the full background and rules for agents of the Inquisition including data sheets, war gear, and a unique detachment. Again, if you don’t have the Inquisition codex, here ya go. Detachment gains authority of the inquisition. Once again, everything rules and wargear is in here for what’s in this book. We have the usual line-up from the The Inquisitor and a cool formation at the end to bring most of these previous factions togethers.

Frontline Gaming also put our a review on the new Inquisition rules as well:


Lastly, the largest section of the codex, the forces of the Inquisition. Since you probably already understand the trend here, i’m going to go over the two major differences that this section has, versus the Inquisition codex.

  • The Inquisitorial Detachment got better: You can only take 1 Inquisitor in this new Inquisitorial Representative detachment, instead of 2. But you still get the 0-3 elite slots, and a cool new command benefit which lets your Inquisitor generate a warlord trait even if they’re not your warlord. Nice!
  • One special issue wargear seems to be missing. Servo-Skulls are nowhere to be found on any of the Inquistor’s profiles, or in the SI wargear section. This is huge, and will effect the meta the most.

BoLS put out their preview of the new Inquisition rules, and surprise, surprise the Servo Skulls have disappeared from the wargear slot!

The Inquisition

OK, let’s begin and take a look at the updated Inquisition’s Detachment:


MAKE WAY – the Inquisitorial Representative is in the house! (and he’s brought 0-3 of his Elite toadies with him)

Neat trick on getting to roll a bonus Warlord Trait.  Let’s be hones here, no Inquisitor is going to play second fiddle on the battlefield to anyone in the Imperium short of a Primarch.

Ok, moving on, let’s take a look at the all new Inquisitorial formation: the Henchmen Warband.


All the usual suspects are in here from the Crusaders to everyone’s favorite MacGyver Space Orangutans, Acolytes and various hanger-ons.  The big difference is the Chambers Militantrule which finally gives the formation some actual connection to the fluff. You now have a concrete connection between which Ordo you choose for your Inquisitor and the available accompanying squad – be they Sisters, Grey Knights or Deathwatch.  VERY COOL! Remember from up above that the Ordo of your Inquisitor also gives you a particular warlord trait chart to roll off (and all 3 are fluffy and different).  I hope that this is kind of a halfway house which will result in the Inquisition being fielded in a manner that more closely matches the fluff and not just an excuse to go Servo Skull shopping. BONUS: Servo-Skulls are GONE! 

Finally let’s take a look at one sample relic.  The Tome of Vethric is great from both it’s penmanship-challenged use (HA!), to what is perhaps the first piece of equipment in the game to punish complex multi-faction army lists.  I think this Vethric and I would see eye to eye…


Just try to make an allied 5-codex army you xenos scum

Three different takes on the same rules, and it looks like everyone seems to be still scratching their heads on this supplement thus far.

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