No New GW Releases Hitting Stores This Weekend!

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If you’re looking to spend that holiday cash on new GW releases this weekend, or even the White Dwarf it looks like you’ll be waiting one more week!

Multiple retailers have reported to Spikey Bits that because of the holiday there will be no new releases, including the White Dwarf, on store shelves this week (although some folks may get the magazine in the mail still).

However you can pre-order all the new Armored Assault box sets starting Saturday on both the GW website, and at your local game stores!

So here’s the timetable of what we know right now:

Gathering Storm – Fall of Cadia 40€, £30, USA $50, Can $60, Aus $84, NZ $99
Triumvirate of the Imperium 85€, £50, USA $80, Can $100, Aus $140, NZ $165
Chaos Battletome: Disciples of Tzeentch 20€, £15, USA $25, Can $30, Aus $40, NZ $50
Gaunt Summoner 20€, £15, USA $25, Can $30, Aus $40, NZ $50
Ogroid Thaumaturge 32,50€, £25, USA $41, Can $50, Aus $70, NZ $83
Kairic Acolytes 40€, £30, USA $50, Can $60, Aus $84, NZ $99

More savings are ahead! Here’s the updated list of week one new releases that are coming in 2017 for Warhammer 40k!

99120112025_darkeldarkabaliteskysplinter02 99120113053_optimisedpathfinderteam02 99120102069_csmdesolatorsquad03 99120101173_bloodangelsgaunlettactical03 99120101175_skyhammerwolfpack02 99120106040_tervigonbroodprogenitor02 99120101172_skyhammertacticalsquad02 99120103047_orktrukkboyz04 99120101174_darkangelsgauntletsquad04 99120105067_astramilitarumcadianarmouredfist02 99120110032_warriorarkphalanx02 99120104042_eldardireavengersskyblade02

These are the perfect way to expand a new army (like the one you’re getting for Christmas, since you’ve been so good all year) or to re-visit an existing army that’s just been waiting for a few reinforcements.

A couple of these and an HQ choice would give you a great start to a highly mobile force as the basis of a new army for the new year.

These sets will be available to pre-order on the 31st of December.


Multiple retailers have reported to Spikey Bits that the new Armored Assault box sets will retail for $55 and be on store shelves on January 7th 2017.


So here’s the pricing that BoLS posted, and as you can tell, at $55 there is a lot of value to be had here! Overall that price point works out to about a 33% savings across the board with the some boxes clocking in at around 40% off!

Correction: Note the Necron and Tyranids sets are MSRP $60  $5 over the rest of their release sets.

Dark Eldar Kabalite Skysplinter

Tau Optimised Pathfinder Team

Chaos Desolator Squad

Blood Angels Gauntlet Tactical Squad

Space Wolves Skyhammer Wolf Pack

Tyranid Tervigon Brood Progenitor 

Space Marine Skyhammer Tactical Squad

Orks Trukk Boyz

Dark Angels Gauntlet Tactical Squad

Astra Militarum Cadian Armoured Fist

Necron Warrior Ark Phalanx

ldar Dire Avenger Skyblade

Also On Pre-Order This Week:


  • Warhammer 40k Paint Dispenser $15 a set of paint
  • Horus Heresy Cybernectica (Hard Back) $24 
  • White Dwarf Jan 2017 $9

So get ready for another great addition to the star collecting hobby line-up this January, which incidentally is the same weekend those Start Collecting Boxes turn one year old!

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