So Which Primarch Is the Best?

the emperor and primarchs

Boy oh boy this question always lights the hobby world on fire. It’s a simple question, which Primarch is best, with a simple answer…

The best one is best. Obviously.


Matthew Copping offers up Alpharius “O’doyle Rules” as the best because he’s sneaky. To quote the Great Terry Silver, Karate Kid III, “A man can’t see, he can’t fight,” boom.

Alpharius is best

Albert Singh chimes in the obvious, Sanguinius should have been the Warmaster. That’s just a fact. Fictional Fact? Yes, but fact nonetheless. He also said something about some puppy or a lemon, I don’t know, I tuned out.

Sanguinius is best

Chris Reilly thinks that Roboute “Girly Man” Guiliman is best. No one liked his comment. I’ll let that speak for it self.

Guilliman is best

Alex Zolper went hard in the pun paint when he offered up Dorn. It’s tough to argue with a well-timed pun; Arguably would have worked better with Ferrus Mannus, regardless,  I have got to hand it to the man.

Dorn is best

All in all, there were a TON of comments, 183 at the time of this writing. However, there can only be one and we all know how facebook works, the one with the most likes wins. With a PALTRY 23 likes, looks like Lemon Russ is the hotdog.

Come’on guys, get on the link and get some likes going because we can’t let it end on that!

book 20 the primarchs


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  • Iron Father Stronos

    Can we get an image that was not made for ants? The last supper with the Big E is amazing and I would love it as a background for work.

  • Peisen Xu

    Lmao most likes wins? Clearly.

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