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The Titan of Change? - Tzeentchian Conversion Corner

Come see the Top 20 most popular Conversion Corner articles of 2016. These fantastic “must see” models are an inspiration to us all!


#20 Fighting Flyers with Cannons – Conversion Corner

Come see what happens when the Ultramarines go to Mars and ask for the biggest gun they could put on a Rhino chassis.

whats inside a chaos knight titan

#19 Guess What’s Inside a Chaos Knight Titan?

Nurgle’s blessings will keep you alive for a long time, now whether that’s a good thing or not is debatable!! Come see what’s inside a Chaos Knight Titan.

space marine

#18 The Space Marine Museum Diorama – Conversion Corner

Welcome, come one, come all, and see the amazing Space Marine Museum! Checkout what tourists in the grimdark may look at!

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#17 The Captain That Everyone Wanted – Conversion

Ultramarine terminators are no joke they bring hammers and shields to battle with them!


#16 Stormsurge With Arms – The Conversion We’ve Always Wanted?

Have you ever grabbed a lizard by the tail and it came off, and the lizard ran away. Well same principle! Come see one amazing Tau conversion brought to you by the Wobbly Modelers!


#15 No Tanks? No Problem! – Conversion Corner

Wanna know how the Astra Militarum troops roll when they’re not in their tanks??

The Titan of Change? - Tzeentchian Conversion Corner

#14 The Titan of Change? – Tzeentchian Conversion Corner

All is Dust, unless you are talking about Thousand Son titans then all is metal and pain, well and some dust… Checkout this Titan of Change!


#13 Night Lord on Winged Juggermare – Conversion Corner

Night Lords have some really sweet steeds, don’t believe me check this out!

the anglerfish tau

#12 Sweet Heresy! The Anglerfish – Conversion Corner

Wanna know what happens when the Tau and the Imperium of man start exchanging information, HERESY!


#11 Super Flying Wolves – Fenrisian Conversion Corner

This is what you get when you keep saying that Space Wolves are afraid of flying, you get super flying wolves!

void shield generator conversion

#10 Cheap ‘N Easy Void Shield Generator Conversion

When Space Marines can’t buy their void shields they have the Adeptus Mechanicus build them a new one!


#9 First Wulfen, Then Leman Russ?? – Conversion Corner

With the Wolfen emerging from the warp it’s only a matter of time before RUSS himself shows up! Sometimes you just gotta make your own right?


#8 Making Orruks into Orks – 40k Conversion Corner

The mighty Orks don’t ever stop growing they just get killed, so if an Ork doesn’t get killed they get mighty big, like Age of Sigmar BIG!


#7 Guess How BIG this Tank is! – Super Heavy Conversion

Those pesky Space Marines will not let the Adepts of Mars rest. They demand MORE tanks!


#6 Attack of the Drones – Conversion Corner

This is a must see! An entire Tau army of drones. Perhaps their artificial intelligence caused them to go rogue and form an army for themselves. A scary thought indeed!


#5 Aliens or Tyranids – Why Not Both?

When the Tyranids ran afoul of a world inhabited by the Xenomorphs they became crazy awesome! Check out this sick Aliens themed Tyranid army conversion!


#4 Not Just Wolves on Fenris? – Grim Dark Mammoth Conversion Corner

Space Wolves don’t just ride wolves, they ride elephants, tigers, bears, and you know whatever animal they can throw a saddle on!


#3 Master Blaster Runs Genestealer Town!

The rise of the Genestealer Cult has caused the monsters of old to start re-emerging and some are just scary! Checkout this horrifyingly amazing conversion!

fallout power armor

#2 Power Armored – Fallout 4 Warhammer Diorama

Come see what happens when Fallout 4 falls off your screen and onto your tabletop.


#1 Female Wraithknight – Eldar Conversion Corner

Have you ever been curious what a female Wraithbone titan would look like, well wonder no more!

How about those conversions?! If these models don’t get you fired up about the hobby, I don’t know what will. Let us know if some of your favorites made the list below.

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