2nd Edition of Batman Miniatures Announced

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Knight Models has announced a whole new phase for the Batman Miniatures Game universe: The release of Second Edition rules!

It has been five years since the release of the Batman Miniatures Game by Knight Models. Since then, the game has grown by leaps and bounds: a core rulebook, two expansion, amazingly detailed miniatures, and the successful launch of Batman organized play rules. Everything has led to the big announcement from Knight Models that they will be releasing 2nd Edition rules for Batman Miniatures Game universe.

Now, the launch date for 2nd Edition has yet to be released, Knight Models has a lot planned in terms of teaser and previews as the day draws closer.

Here is what Knight Models had to say about the 2nd Edition Rules:

Knight Models 2E

We are delighted to announce the imminent arrival of the 2nd Edition Batman Miniature Game rules. This lavish rulebook will be the culmination of thousands of games, and feedback from our customers.  Fear not: it is still the game you know and love, with its street-level strategic action in Gotham’s darkened alleyways, but we’ve taken the opportunity to streamline the mechanics, making the rules more intuitive and even more fun, and we’ve consolidated a lot of hard-to- find rules and Traits into one mighty tome. We think players new and old will love it!

But that’s not all – far from it! The launch of the new edition will be spearheaded by brand new miniatures, representing the pinnacle of our studio’s output. The new models will be produced in high-quality, coloured resin. Knight Models was founded on a love of display-quality models, and we think painters and modelers will agree that these new miniatures are the best we’ve ever produced.

And if you’re a veteran Knight Models hobbyist, rest assured that every model from our current range will be 100% compatible with the new rules, and we’re working to ensure that your existing expansion books – such as the Arkham Knight Campaign Book – are still completely valid when the new edition hits the shelves.

So, new miniatures, complete compatability, streamlined rules that are more intuitive, and the list goes on. We cannot wait to see what Knight Models will be teasing in the lead-up to 2nd Edition’s release.

For more on the Batman Miniatures Game, great minis, and more, visit Knight Models!

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