TTCombat Acquires Relics From Tor Gaming

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Tor Gaming is happy to announce to Relics fans that TTCombat has acquired their Relics line and will take on the mantle of ‘Keeper of Relicia’!

When Tor Gaming announced that they were closing their doors, the continuation of their Relics line was in question. They were a little overwhelmed by the amount of offers that they received and thankful for those who responded. In the end, TTCombat was successful in acquiring the Relics gaming system. Here is what Tor Gaming had to say:


Tor Gaming are very excited to announce Relics is saved!

Since our announcement that Tor Gaming is closing we have been inundated with interested parties wanting to take on the mantle of ‘Keeper of Relicia’! We were a little overwhelmed by the response and want to thank everyone who took the time to message us.


I am so pleased to announce the Relics gaming system has been acquired by TTCombat. The well-known producer of that awesome mdf terrain range is adding Relics to their growing stable of gaming systems, which include RUMBLESLAM and Carnevale. Coupled with their access to a large, well established distribution network, we believe TTCombat are perfectly placed to take Relics to where it deserves to be. In the short term, we will be transferring the production of the Relics range to TTCombat’s in-house production base down in sunny Cornwall, UK. They will then get on with familiarising themselves with the range, and in the very near future their design team will get to work expanding the world and pushing the game systems development forward.


We are over the moon with this change of ownership and have every confidence TTCombat are the best team to take on the care and future development of Relics. During this period there will be some down time on the availability of the Relics range but you can all rest assured that the range of miniatures you all love will be back in the near future with the amazing backing of TTCombat.

TTCombat also has made an announcement of their acquisition of the Relics gaming system on their Facebook page. He is what they had to say:

TTCombat are excited to announce our new venture. Today we’re unveiling the acquisition of Tor Gaming’s fantastic game Relics. We’ve been fans of Relics for a long time, and were delighted to keep the legacy of Tor’s game going for existing fans and many new ones we hope to bring into the fold in the coming months and years.


Tor have had trouble getting their game the right platform to flourish on, and we believe that with the avid customer base for TTCombat, RUMBLESLAM, and Carnevale, we may well have found that home. Over the coming weeks we’ll be cementing a deal with Tor and moving production of their miniatures over to our in-house production facilities here in Cornwall, UK. With our large distribution network and links to stores up and down the country and the world, we’ll be able to get Relics into the forefront of independent gaming circles.

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Our design team will be working with the existing designers to bring plenty of exciting developments and updated designs to the world that Tor Gaming created, and hopefully introducing many new players to this wonderfully unique game. Until then, we ask for a little patience while we move everything over and are able to provide the high quality of service you expect from TTCombat. Before long we’ll all be exploring the world of Relicia together.

We are glad that Tor Gaming was able to find a quality and stable company that is TTCombat to continue the Relics line. We are looking forward to seeing what exciting developments and updated designs TTCombat will bring to the Relics world.

For more the Relics acquisition, amazing terrain kits, game systems, and more, visit TTCombat!

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