Lord of Slaughter VS Warrior Demon: REVIEW

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lord of slaughter vs warrior daemon

The Lord of Slaughter is a terrifying beast, that hunts others for no purpose other than the thrill of killing, but he’s wee compared to the Warrior Demon!

Creature Caster expands its line of fantastic models even more with the impressive Lord of Slaughter. Take a look at the review by scrolling down and pressing play on the video below!


Lord of Slaughter $61 USD

lord of slaughter

The Lord of Slaughter is a terrifying, psychopathic beast, that hunts others for no purpose other than the thrill of killing. He embodies one of the most sinister aspects of war, that of unending blood thirst. Unlike most demonic lords he shuns the concepts of holding power, territory, or influence. Truth be told he does not even have interest in martial skill or testing his metal against a worthy foe. Instead he is utterly devoted to the act of killing, through any method, and at any cost. For him true satisfaction is only obtained as his blades tear into the body of his foe, and he can taste their arterial spray upon his lips.

lord of slaughter piecesThe Lord of Slaughter is a multi-part resin model that comes in 26 components with several different options for heads, back, wings, and forearms. The entire kit is a little smaller than the warrior demon, but still as terrifying. His base is 60mm round. He stands at 11 – 13cm high, depending on the wings. There will be some clean up to do for the molds and making sure everything lines up properly.

lord of slaughter base

Detail-wise, the model is incredibly detailed from base to tip of the wings. The detail of the skulls on the base are very intricate, including various sizes and horn details. The heads have two different option, with teeth and with a helmet. The wings are in two parts, slotting together, with an additional detail to attach to the top. There is another option for the back to be without wings. The other optional build is what weapon to use: either swords or hands morphing into blades.

lord of slaughter wings

The quality of the resin his great, and overall he will be a terrifying addition to a Chaos and Khorne collection.

For more information about Creature Caster, and to see their other amazing models, head over to their website. Be sure to press play on the video below and check out the entire review of the Lord of Slaughter.

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