GW Previews 4 New Legio Custodes Rules for 40k

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Forge World and Games Workshop just gave us a preview of new beta rules for 4 Legio Custodes units for use in Warhammer 40,000.

Fans of the Adeptus Custodes rejoice! According to the latest announcement from Games Workshop, we will be seeing the Legio Custodes in an upcoming Imperial Armor. But in the meantime, they’ve given us a couple of beta rules to try out, but they are not set in stone as of yet. Let’s take a look at what they had to say.

Custodes Caladius Annihilator

Since the release of Codex: Adeptus Custodes, many of you have been asking about getting rules for bringing your favourite models from Forge World’s Legio Custodes range into your games of Warhammer 40,000. Today, we’re happy to confirm that the Adeptus Custodes have been earmarked for being featured in a future volume of Imperial Armour – and what’s more, we’re making some of the experimental, non-final rules from this book available ahead of time to allow you to jump in right away, as well as helping us test them out before they’re full released.

Today, we’re making preliminary, beta rules available for the following models – if your favourites aren’t here, worry not! This is just a sample of what we’ll be eventually releasing rules for in Warhammer 40,000.

Not only are we getting access to beta rules, Forge World is asking for the communities help in testing out these beta rules. This is huge!

achillius custodes legio adeptus

These rules aren’t currently final, and while we’ve provided points values, they’re not intended for use in a competitive setting. We’d recommend checking with your opponent before using them in your games in their current state. Importantly, we want to hear from you how they play. Don’t feel strong enough? Let us know! Over-performing against certain armies? Just tell us! We’re hoping that with your help, we’ll be able to ensure that when we finally release complete rules for the Adeptus Custodes in an Imperial Armour book, they’ll be as balanced and as fun as possible.

If you would like to provide feedback Forge World has also given you instructions and a format they would prefer you used when sending in feedback:

Send your feedback to us to [email protected] using the following format. We’re anticipating a large volume of feedback, and therefore we won’t be able to accept any feedback that doesn’t follow these guidelines:

adeptus custodes bikes


Please make sure that you use the subject line “FWCUSTODES” and note that you must use the headers below to provide us with your feedback. When writing any feedback email, please repeat the same format for each individual unit, item of wargear or ability you wish to discuss.

  • The unit’s datasheet which this feedback refers to
  • The number of games played using this unit and faction keywords used in these games
  • The item of wargear or ability to which this feedback relates
  • Suggestions relating to the above unit’s wargear or ability and the rationale for these
  • Suggestions regarding the points values for the unit and its abilities 

This is one of the greatest things we’ve seen in a while, and it’s nice to see Forge World asking for the communities feedback to help make the rules as fair as possible.

Just at first look, these rules seem very middle of the road, almost as if Forge World is trying to play it safe. But make sure you check out the latest beta rules and judge for yourself.

Coronus 10 Custodes

No word yet on rules for the following Legion Custodes Models:

Custodes Main Battle Tank Forge World Unboxing

Caladius Annihilator

Those masterminds at Forge World are at it again.  Adding yet another amazing model the ranks of the Adeptus Custodes army!

Better Than A Land Raider? Custodes Grav-Carrier: Unboxing


Welcome, Warhammer 40K Fanatics! Rob is unboxing the amazing new Legio Custodes Coronus Grav-Carrier from Forgeworld!

Is This the Coolest Looking Contemptor? Achillus – UNBOXING


Rob unboxes the amazing new Legio Custodes Contemptor Achillus Dreadnought from Forge World!

How Cool is the New Legio Custodes Galatus Contemptor?

Galatus Dreadnaught

Rob has another exciting Forgeworld unboxing for us, the Legio Custodes Contemptor Galatus Dreadnought!

Which do you prefer: rules that may or may not be good or rules that have immediate points value and effectiveness and is adjusted (NERFED) later?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Hopefully, we’ll see the remainder of the Legio rules in a new update for Imperial Armor or via downloads from Forge World shortly.

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