Warhammer 40k Ragnarok Comes to World of Tanks

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Love the Imperial Guard? Familiar with World of Tanks? Well, they’re joining together to bring you the legendary Warhammer 40k tank Ragnarok.

World of Tanks has announced they are adding the Ragnarok skin for the KV-2 tank and it’s pretty badass.

What’s A Ragnarok?

MXMHW011_GothicKV2Tank - Copy

LORE ALERT: The Ragnarok was made by the Death Korps of Krieg to be used when there weren’t any Leman Russes laying around. It had the ability to cross any terrain and get all up in the enemy’s grill. The greatest part about the Ragnarok was that it was cheap and quick to make. The Death Korps was able to zerg rush the front in mass and get in their bases to kill their doods.

It’s Coming to World of Tanks


ragnarok wot

Between now and June-18, you can get that Kv-2 looking like the most loyal tank anyone has ever seen with the new Ragnarok skin. The tank comes with a 152mm naval cannon for a turret. It can punch through any amount of armor your enemy thinks they have.

If only you got a purity seal for your tank after each kill.

Will you be serving the Emporer in this tank or will you be the heretical chaff in its way? Have you played it yet? Let us know what you think in the comments on Facebook.

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