Must See New Tank – “KV2” Ragnarok From MaxMini

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Treadheads Unite! You have to see this sweet looking Grim Dark tank that’s a dead ringer for the Ragnarok!

Maxmini just released a great looking new resin kit called the “KV2”

Gothic KV2 Tank

MXMHW011_GothicKV2Tank - Copy

It was quite a while, but it has finally hit the store! Rumbling, smoking and super hot machine of destruction that almost made me lost my hair is available. I won’t be humble this time ­čśë – all the effort was worth it as for me it is one of the finest gothic sci-fi tanks on the market.

And to make it even sweeter deal – we’ve got early adopters promo. We’ve knocked 10% from the price for the first week of sales.

Expect a follow up – as this is quite a kit (40 parts if you take all the extras / variants into account) I’m working on some assembly guides.


This kit contains all the parts (including optional ones like sponsons) required to assemble a Gothic KV2 Tank. The model is designed to fit games / collections that use 28mm “heroic” miniatures. Supplied unpainted. All cast in high quality PU resin.

Dimensions: 143 x 107 x 75mm .

Now some of you astute 40k fluffers out there may recognize this tank for another reason:

Ragnarok_Epic (1)

The Ragnarok was a heavy tank first developed on Krieg during its civil war to meet the specific challenges of the time. With both sides caught in a stalemate, it became increasingly clear that the war was turning into a battle of attrition and that the winner would be the side with the most troops and guns. As the Leman Russ Battle Tank became increasingly rare and ill-suited to the sulphurous battlefield which was no-man’s land, the Ragnarok was conceived to take its place: a tank that didn’t need to be fast, as long as it could traverse treacherous terrain, nor one with long range, as visibility beneath the pollution-clouded skies of Krieg was short, but most importantly as simple to construct as possible.

The resulting vehicle was a slab-slided monster, armed with a Ragnarok Battle Cannon and two Heavy Stubbers, but performed exactly as required. Since the civil war the Ragnarok has been recommissioned by other units, most notably the Baran Siegemasters, who refer to the machine affectionately as the ‘Mk 1 Mobile Bunker’. (Via Lexicanium)

Well if your looking for something different, checkout the this bad boy from Maxmini today!


It’s a tank that takes them to┬áchurch!

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