New 40k Necromunda & Warcry 2020: FIRST LOOK

By Andrew Schrank | January 25th, 2020 | Categories: Age of Sigmar, News / Rumors, Warhammer 40k

warhammer gw store first lookMore new Warcry & Necromunda models are here! Don’t miss the next batch of releases for those games that are going on pre-order today.

Most of these are repackaged models bundled with new rules but, for those that aren’t, let’s check out those new sprues!

Warcry Ogroid Myrmidon

ogroid myrmidon warcry

Ogroid Myrmidon sprue

Warcry Warband: Spire Tyrants

warcry spire tyrant 3


warcry spyre tyrant 2


spire tyrant sprue 1


spire tyrant sprue 2


spire tyrant sprue 3

Warcry Warband: Gloomspite Gitz

warcry warband gloomspite gitz

Warcry: Warband Stormcast Eternals

warcry warband stormcast eternals

Warcry Warband: Nighthaunts

warcry warband nighthaunt

New Warcry Expansion Cards (Dispenser)

 Warcry Terrain: Souldrain Forest

Necromunda: Subjugator Patrol

Necromunda enforcers

Necromunda: Corpse Grinder Cult

necromunda dark uprising 3

Subjugator Patrol Card Pack

Corpse Grinder Cult Card Pack & Dice Set

Zone Mortalis: Hive Warzone

Zone Mortalis: Columns & Walls

Zone Mortalis: Platforms & Stairs

Are you excited about the wave of releases, or are you waiting for some more of the psychic awakening news?

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