3 Awesome 40k Homebrew Army Lists From Last Weekend!

By Wesley Floyd | September 2nd, 2020 | Categories: 9th Edition 40k, Tournament Coverage, Warhammer 40k

storm of iron warriorsThese homebrew 40k army lists went against the grain of the meta in recent tournaments and didn’t do too bad at all- check out our favorites!

In just about every tournament (especially in a new edition with a settling meta) we see some players bringing lists full of units nobody expected. More often than not, these homebrews do better than one would think. Check out this batch of homebrews that popped up in tournaments over the weekend.

best coast pairingsThanks to Best Coast Pairings we are able to look back at the event as if we were there ourselves.

RTT Neotemplo Summer Event: Pachi Wolf- ‘Nid Soup

Tyranid Haruspex Wal Hor


pachi wolf 1Starting with Tyranids, a Hive Tyrant with Wings and Devourers made a mobile one-man shooting platform while a Malanthrope took the place as the Warlord. He was also supported by a single Neurothrope, leading four different light Troops choices. Speaking of four Troops, that seems to be the overarching theme of lists these days. Probably to make for maximum objective presence. Anyway, some Termagants with Fleshborers hit the board for a little light dakka while they were holding objectives while Ripper Swarms more than likely deep struck onto objectives that were freed up throughout the course of the game.

Two fat squads of Hive Guard helped form the backfield firing platform with Battle Cannon-profiled weaponry. Some Forge World spores also made their way into the list acting like a mortal wound insurance policy in case an objective was taken away from him.

pachi wolf 2All of these bugs were supported by some GSC in a Vanguard Detachment. An Acolyte Hybrid flamer bomb was taken to help obliterate any screens while a more elite unit full of Rock Saws came in behind and cleaned up any heavy armor. Finally, two squads of Hybrid Metamorphs for some decent melee damage supported by a sniper Sanctus also made the list. Awesome job!

Varbergs GT 2020: Johan Edvinsson- Iron Warriors

iron warriors small chaos wall hor

johan iron warrior 1Next, we’ve got Iron Warriors from the Varbergs 2020 GT. The overall theme of this list was Daemon Engine spam with a little heavy power armor spice. Some Terminators and Obliterators formed a decent backbone for the list, being good in both shooting and melee. But the Lord Disco and Master of Possessions probably hung out with the Forge Fiend, Helbrute, Defilers, and a single Venomcrawler.

johan iron warrior 2This whole list was a menagerie of Daemon-infused heavy armor with everybody rocking the Mark of Slaanesh. In the middle of all the Daemon Engines running around being buffed by the Lord Disco, it’s also important to note that a small Possessed bomb was also taken. These guys were more than likely loaded into a Rhino and acted like shock troops in the early turns of the game while those Daemon Engines got into position. Sweet list.

HTC 40k GT: Krizstian Vizsy- Orks

ork deathskulls wal


HTC ork 1Finally, we’ve got an Ork list that was all about speed. Taking a mix of the fastest classic Ork units like Nobs on Warbikes and Stormboyz and mixing it with the newest Speed Freekz units, this whole army was able to apply a ton of pressure turn one.

HTC ork 2More than likely playing objectives than going for outright wiping the enemy’s presence from the board, the Shokkjump Dragstas were able to get to an objective just about anywhere they wanted to. While the dudes on the ground ran around holding points, some Blastajets and a small gunline of Traktor Kannons focused advancing enemy units that needed to be softened up.

Nothing in this list screams heavy firepower, but the combined power from all of these units focusing one scary unit at a time was enough to get the job done and hold those objectives!

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What do you think about these homebrew 40k army lists? Do you play something similar? Are Speed Freekz units actually good in 9th Edition?

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