Horus Heresy: New Plastic Sicaran Kit Size & Configuration

Here is the size and compatibility of the new Horus Heresy Plastic Sicaran kit with the older Forge World resin one and more!

It looks like the new reveals still have some gas left, and we have been waiting on this, as who doesn’t want this in plastic? Considering the kit itself was never easy to build, this is great for players getting into the game. Even if you already have a few of these, picking at least one up might be worth it.

Plus, we’ve seen some rumored rules, so we’ll put them at the bottom so you can see what the most up-to-date rumors look like for the tank!

Warhammer Community just unveiled the tank as part of the ongoing Horus Heresy Thursday. Let’s check the tank out!

Horus Heresy Plastic Sicaran Kit Confirmed by GW!

Originally designed by Roboute Guilliman and Ferrus Manus, the Sicaran featured elements from a number of STCs to create a high-speed destroyer tank to complement the Predator and Land Raider. Thanks to its incredible speed, it can outflank slower vehicles and bring its accelerator autocannon to bear on the weaker side and rear armour of enemy war machines.

SicaranThe new kit is pretty sweet with, seemingly, a lot of fixes to the resin build. Most notably, the tracks. Plus, this has always been an awesome kit, but now that it’s in plastic, you should have a better hobby experience than before!


Sicaran 2

Beyond the giant autocannon, this new plastic kit comes with more weapons than you can shake a stick at. You can choose from heavy bolters, lascannons, heavy flamers, or volkite culverins as sponson weapons, and there is a choice of combi-weapons, a havoc launcher, a multi-melta, a heavy bolter, or a heavy flamer as a pintle-mounted weapon.

Hopefully, these will all be easily magnetized as well because, with all the options, you want to use them! The good thing is most time tanks are easy to future-proof, so we have high hopes for this one.

Horus Heresy Plastic Sicaran Sprues

New SicaranThese pictures come from Reddit, and it seems they saw the lot on eBay and just went for it!

New Sicaran 2As you can see from the sprues, it doesn’t look to come with many different weapon options, so this leads us to believe that they will have another add-on sprue or sort of like how they are doing the Leviathan to get more kits out of it.

It also looks like the upper front hull, and the turret sits on the same sprue, again meaning they could just have a different sprue thrown in there to make a bunch of tank variations.

However, we’ll talk about that more soon.

New Sicaran 3You can also see from this part of the instructions that there aren’t many options for the base kit. This again opens the door for more variant kits for the extra weapons that we have seen in the past from Forge World!

Plastic Sicaran Size & Compatibility With Resin Turrets

The same user on Reddit posted up video and images of the size and compatibility of the new plastic Horus Heresy Sicaran with the resin turrets and kits from Forge World!

Sicaran turretHere you can see how the Forge World turret fits perfectly in! This opens the door for anyone who has the current kits to change out the variants in seconds and really opens the door for GW to repackage existing Forge World pieces into entirely new upgrade packs for this Tank. Or perhaps they could release a plastic variant kits as they did with the new Horus Heres Leviathans.

Sicaran turret 2Considering there are already quite a few Sicaran kits out there, this is actually a decent move from GW.

Here are some images comparing the size of the new plastic Sicaran with the existing resin Forge World one.

Plastic Sicaran Size & Compatibility With Resin Turrets

From this angle, only a few minute differences can be seen.

Plastic Sicaran Size & Compatibility With Resin Turrets

From the front, more small differences are noticeable, but it appears that the new and old Sicaran seem to size up quite nicely to each other.Plastic Sicaran Size & Compatibility With Resin Turrets

From the side, there is a noticeable difference in the side sponson size, the rear exhaust stacks, and the angle of the back treads as well.

Leviathan Siege Dreadnought Close Combat Weapons Frame

You can purchase these weapons for the Leviathan separately, and we could easily see them doing this with the Sicaran, as the turrets appear to fit.

It might get a little pricey, but it’s better than buying entirely new kits just to get the variants.

SicaranSince all three of these turret variants will fit, it would be really awesome to see a full weapon pack or even just a separate Forge World turret upgrade set like the Leviathan combat weapon sprue.

Plus, the size also looks great, and we’re sure that anyone hobbying on Horus Heresy can’t wait to get their hands on this new plastic Sicaran now!

Sicaran Horus Heresy Rules

Sicaran RulesThese rules are from a playtest version of the rules, so take them with a grain of salt, but they have been pretty accurate so far.

They also list all the tank variants you can run, so that’s good to see. Overall the Sicaran seems to be fairly tough, has a lot of weapon options, and with a high movement, should be pretty useful for most legions in the new Edition of the Horus Heresy!

Click Gallery below for full-size images.

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