Eldar Take The Top at Another GT: 40k Army Lists

Top-3-army-lists-40k-wal-horEldar snag 1st place from the TJ Cafe & Games GT  weekend, as these Warhammer 40k army lists took the top!

The tournament is final, and now we can look at which lists managed to secure a place at the top! Check out what these winners brought in their armies.

Eldar Take Their Shot: TJ Cafe & Games GT Army Lists

Thanks to Best Coast Pairings, we can look back at the event as if we were all there ourselves. Check out the event details here.

40K GT TJ Cafe & Games top 8

3rd Place: Cullen Burns – Eldar

eldar webway hor wal


Cullen Burns 1


Cullen Burns 2

2nd Place: Paul Woodmen – Dark Angels



Paul Woodman 1


Paul Woodman 2


Paul Woodman 3


1st Place: Ramses Alcaide – Eldar

eldar walpaper


Ramses Alcaide 1

Ramses’ Battalion of Eldar is led by Baharroth and 2 Farseers. Baharroth is a very mobile melee threat with deep-strike and re-deploy rules making him a real hassle to pin down by opponents. The Farseers, on the other hand, offers up some great Psychic support and one is on a Skyrunner for enhanced mobility, making him even better.

Troops bring in 15 rangers for cheap bodies to fill the detachment requirements.

Ramses Alcaide 2

Elites have quite a large selection here with 25 Avengers, 10 Banshees, and 5 Scorpions. The Avengers serve as standard bodies with decent stat lines and weapons to pump out fire down range, while the Banshees and Scorpions are melee threats that really want to make a charge and tear up units in melee.

Fast Attacks have 3 Shining Spears, for their fantastic weapons and mobility, and 6 Windrunners for a bit extra mobile units that can help out where they are needed almost every turn.

Heavy Support has two Falcons, which come with decent weapon power and once again have great mobility to help be where they are needed most that turn.

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What do you think about all three top 40k army lists from the TJ Cafe & Games GT?

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