PLASTIC – Sisters of Battle Conversions

sister walpaper

These were posted up by an agent of the imperium over on the BoLS lounge yesterday, and man they look good!

via YorkNecromancer


Now, this is NOT my conversion – I saw this on the Statuesque Models Facebook page. As you may know, I am a big fan of their Heroic Scale Heads and have used them for my Imperial Guard, Marines, and Inquisition quite extensively:

However, Dreamforge Games have just released the Valkir, which (as the picture above shows) combines very nicely with the Statuesque heads to give us finally, a credible plastic Sisters of Battle alternative.

2014_10_29_23_49_09_by_yorknecromancer-d84m6pc plastic_sob_by_yorknecromancer-d8ge4v8…upport-trooper…-heavy-trooper…ssault-trooper

So anyway, I’m totally sold on this conversion. I know there’s been a lot of talk of new SoB here, and that many of us are desperate for GW to show the Sororitas some love. This struck me as something the community might want to know about.

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