Behold the Ninja Grot! Converted Gretchins

By Rob Baer | April 26th, 2010 | Categories: Conversions, Orks, Painted Figure Showcase, Warhammer 40k

Back when I was getting my Orks army together, I decided that I wanted the little guys to have a little character. After all the Orks are a fun and unpredictable army, so why no jazz it up a little bit?

Well I have to admit I went a little crazy with these guys. For the majority of these conversions I used all manner of Gnoblars from Ogre Kingdoms.  When the Gretchin kit finally came out I splashed in some of them as well.  Then I added in some Goblin heads from Fantasy, and viola grots with attitude. 

These are my favorites of the 60 or so little guys I did.  I use the one with the power armor as my Inquisitor with hood in my guard list. Ones my demolitions charge thrower, Enginseer, and there is even a Sly Marboro in there.

But wait there’s more! Below are some conversions I did when the Imperial Guard codex came out. I tired to make them look like some of the special characters and advisors.


What’cha think, cool/ creepy?

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