Should Spikey Bits Open a Gaming Store?

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That’s pretty much it. I’ve been a part owner or full owner of a bunch already, not to mention a few years of Battlewagon Bits, but I’m feeling the itch again.  It’s been on my mind since I moved back to Virginia. In addition one of the LGSes is closing soon, so there’s not many options left for a friendly game store experience in Richmond anymore, much less one that actually has correct stock levels.

Here are some pics of the small Battlewagon Bits storefront I had a few years ago (yes Mike Clark I had a storefront). It was pretty well stocked, but there are a lot more products around now. Plus with the space to carry them, I would kinda feel compelled to.

So what do you think? What would you like to see in a gaming store, here in Richmond or anywhere really? What do you think would be a good store name? Join the debate on the SPR forums!

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