Conversion Corner- Bjorn The Fell Handed

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Recently I had this awesome Bjorn the Fell Handed conversion sent to me by Joe Carlson.  What I like about it is that it’s deceptively simple, yet has depth to it.  At first glance you don’t see any green stuff or card, but it still has a lot of detail that makes this model very unique.

First off there is the traditional Space Wolf garb, which accents the model quite well- this is a Space Wolf vehicle. Then he added the Plasma Cannon arm that Bjorn fields. 

But the best part to me is the simple Wolf Claw conversion. Would you believe those claws are the scythes form the Fantasy Zombie Regiment?

I love to see stuff like that, bits you would never expect to see, somewhere amazing. To me this is what the converting hobby is about, especially when something so basic is done so well! Kudos Joe.

Do you have an awesome conversion to show off? Maybe a how-to article for a large project? Would you like to see it on Spikey Bits or even possibly Bell of Lost Souls?  Drop me a line today with what you have! -MBG

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