Conversion Corner- Ork Grey Knight DeffKnight Final Product

Well here it is in all its orky glory, Da DeffKnight!

This guy is part of a sweet “counts as” Grey Knight Orkquisition army that my buddy Master Shake is converting and painting up.

Master Shake chose to paint up da DeffKnight in a triad of Red’s, (shaded like my blue Orks) over a basecoat of washed metal. I recommended Mechrite, Scab Red, and then Blood Red for the very highlights.

Although I am not 100% sure what he used for the red, it looks great, and not overdone at all.  Then he added Orky warpaint (using my warpaint article), and BAM color was given unto the DeffKnight.

It seems to have worked well and I really like the way this model turned out, especially the grot pilot!

Checkout the in game shot of him creeping up on a Land Raider (with the rest of the Orkquisition in tow), and his extreme close ups below as well.

More to come on the Orkquisition- MBG

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