Conversion Corner- Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons Terminators

Check out these gorgeous WIP shots of Jkin’s Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons. It’s pretty amazing what can be done now with all the plastic kits out there!

I think his conversions really bring home the look and Egyptian feel to the figures that the books convey.

He really went the extra mile incorporating bits from the Chaos Terminators, Tomb Kings, and Blood Angels kits into these models.  The resin pieces that are splashed on the models come from the Scibor Egyptian Parts line (which we actually carry now in the Spikey Store).

He definitely one-upped me (compared to my Pre-Heresy Termies) on the styling of the shoulder pads, as his look way closer to all the pre-heresy art that is out there.

To make them he used Dreadnought Leg Plates, but then cut down and inserted Furioso Armor Plates under them to give them that staggered.

Like I said he really pulled it off, and I’m a little jealous that it looks so good (well that and the fact all my termies are painted now too, and I can’t copy him lol).

The rest of his converterd Terminators are below, take a few minutes to check them out. They are pretty sweet. I can’t wait to see some paint on them!

More soon (hopefully) from Jkin! -MBG

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