Dystopian Wars- Prussian Painting How To Guide

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Here is a guest Painting “Guide” by Scottywon82.  According to him it’s not really complicated enough to warrant the name, but I still like it. You can find Scottywon82 lurking about over on DakkaDakka most of the time, or harassing us at FTW Games 🙂

I really went for a simple look with the Prussians, as I do with all my figures. I won’t be winning any painting competitions with them, but they look nice on the table.

For the ships, I primed them with Army Painter Black Primer, then I did the following;

1. Drybrushed the entire ship (Battleship, cruiser, frigate, doesn’t matter) with Vallejo Mithril Silver. Pretty heavy drybrush for the whole figure.

2. Pick out the gold details (smokestacks, faceplates for the Tesla weapons, bolted strips of metal on the main deck housing, and parts of the guns) with Vallejo Polished Gold.

3. The rest of the colors are from GW. Hit the whole model with GW Badab black wash.

4. The deck is Scorched brown with a highlight of Bestial brown.

5. The Tesla coils are Mordian blue, highlighted with Enchanted Blue and finally Ice Blue.

6. To identify squadrons, I painted a splash of color on the side plate that is second from the front. Either Mechrite Red with Blood Red highlight or Dark Angels Green with an Emerald Green highlight.

I only need the two squadron colors, because I plan on dropping one frigate and running two groups of four, along with two 3-cruiser squadrons in a 1000pt game.

For the Sky Fortress, the silver, gold, and wood decking were done exactly as were the ships.

The only difference is the balloon. This was painted Catachan green, and then highlighted across the ridges with Camo green. Then it got a thin Thraka green wash. All GW colors there too.

The planes were the same, although they are much more green than silver so I started with that colors rather than the silver as I did for the Sky Fortress and the Ships.

Finally, my plane tokens (not photographed) were primed with Army painter silver spray and hit with Badab Black. The bases were then painted a solid color to denote their fighter group (blue, red, green, and yellow, respectively).

Here’s a shot of the whole army.

Thats it, have fun!

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