Dystopian Wars- Prussians Army List & Tactics

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Here is a guest “Guide” by Scottywon82.  According to him it’s not really complicated enough to warrant the name, but I still like it. You can find Scottywon82 lurking about over on DakkaDakka most of the time, or harassing us at FTW Games 🙂

For the army list, I plan on running – at 1000 points – 2 squadrons of 4 frigates, 2 squadrons of 3 cruisers, 1 battleship, 1 sky fortress, and 1 squadron of 2 bombers. In addition, I’ll have 16 tokens to work with. I’m thinking of using 1 recon plane attached to my battleship, so it can have a better chance with indirect fire, 5 fighters to hunt down enemy tokens, and 2 groups of 5 dive bombers. I prefer the dive bombers to the torpedo bombers because of the vertical dive rule, which forces your opponent to re-roll successful abort rolls.

I picked Prussians mainly for the aesthetic, though learning they were so similar to the Dindrenzi of Firestorm Armada was icing on the cake. The have a very simple “get close and shoot” play style to them that I really enjoy. Also, not having rockets or torpedoes means I have fewer restrictions on my shooting, even though it will start to weaken as I get shot at.

To save my battleship from that ignoble end, I have decided to equip it with a shield generator. I replace the aft turret, leaving myself the opening salvos at full power. As the figure range continues to expand, I know that my battleships will need to be babysat by some escorts to deter those pesky rockets and torpedoes from damaging me at range. Then, once I’m close enough, open up with all my turrets and pound enemy craft into scrap.

I will say that a second battleship would likely sport a Tesla generator, or possibly the UPG and work as a dedicated boarding unit. Battleships having 10 AP is VERY nice as you approach, lobbing bolts of AP-killing Tesla at your opponent and then claim their ship as a prize for yourself.

Here are the rest of Scottywon82’s fleet.

-I still don’t know how Spartan can top this game! -MBG

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