Cosplay- MBG’s Stormtrooper Halloween Costume

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As I write this parts are drying to feverishly made repairs to my Stormtrooper armor.

You see I was a big dummy, and left the armor in the store window for the summer, and well it took some direct hits from UV.

Apparently its pretty hard to get out UV damage from molded PVC plastic, so I just opted for, sigh….. completely repainting it.

So several coats of gloss white, and many more coats of gloss varnish later, the armor is almost ready to wear again. Many brain cells died in the process as well….

But soon Stormtrooper MKII will take to the streets of Richmond Va again, in style.

Check out this sweet CPU cooling system mod to keep my operating system frosty under the hot helmet.

Why would I go though so much work to keep fixing my armor all the time?

Cause chicks dig it.

Thank you Big Bang Theory for making Nerds mainstream.

Happy Halloween, be safe at your parties tonight -MBG TK-13176

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