Conversion Corner- Adeptus Custodes Flying Rhino

Well the timing on this article seems rather fortuitous as Big red just published my How to Custodes Article over on BoLS.

Coincidence aside check out this flying Adeptus Custodes Rhino from the Feast of Blades GT.

This puppy has pretty authentic Heresy Era styling. It seems to come standard with jump jets on the front and sides of the vehicle as well as thrusters in the rear.

As you can see it’s the rhino MKIII kit, but it was converted to look like the old MKI.

The “eggshell” hatch bit, and side thatching bits are unknown to me, but shouldn’t be too hard to reproduce either from generic toy casts, or plastic card.  Of course it could be hard to duplicate the contours of the hatch itself with just card alone. It wouldn’t look too bad at all, I don’t think.

The thruster bits look like Stormboy and Warbiker engines, and the front armor plates (to cover up where the treads were) are Chimera Track Guards.  I think the front hatches may be plasticard with brass etched eagles glued on.

Either way this thing still rocks!  I guess since I’ll be building a Custodes army myself here soon, its gives me something to base my transports off of as well. WIN!!

Best part is- this is just one model in a whole Adeptus Custodes army, that’s led by who else but the Emperor of Mankind himself.

More on this army later, as I got Necron bits going live soon!  -MBG

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