The Battle for Terra, Siege of the Imperial Palace – 40k Scale

Check out this amazing Siege of Terra Mega-Diorama from Adepticon 2011. What ever club was responsible for building, heck even taking on such an ambitious project should pat themselves on the back, as this rocks.

This board definitely ranks up there with some of the most spectacular hobby displays I have ever seen.

Let’s take a closer look, as I attempt to narrate the story presented.

At first glance this board looks to be about 8 feet long by 6 feet wide, and sports the Forge World Imperial Fortress as the inner most walls of the Imperial Palace.

On one side there is a break in the wall where the World Eaters are launching an assault spearheaded by one of the Named Bloodthisters of Khorne.

Sanguinus, Primarch of the Blood Angels has met the threat head on, and a legendary battle will ensue (which will end badly for the Blood Thirster).

The main assault is led by Angron, and his berserk World Eaters, along with elements of the Death Guard, Thousand Sons, Sons of Horus, and their Daemonic Cohorts.

Here you can see the angry primarch a top a pile of skulls directing the assault.

Angron is flanked by a Reaver Titan turned traitor that is providing cover fire for the advancing forces of Chaos.

To their right of all that hate, are elements of the Thousand son led by Magnus the Red himself, along with Death Guard Space Marines that are also being led by their Primarch.

This model of Magnus is indeed a Cyclopean Giant, towering over even Terminators!

It appears that a Greater Daemon of Tzeentch has manifested himself to aid the Magnus and his sorcerous legion, as they attempt to advance up the approach to the main gate.

Check out the conversion work to reverse the look of the MKIII rhino kit to a standard Heresy Era one.

Kudos on the attention to detail.

From this view you can see Khan’s breakout attempt towards the spaceport complex. He is countered by the leader of the Death Guard himself Mortarion.

Note also the beasts (or slugs) of Nurgle moving to intercept the White Scar’s gambit as well. Those things must be diesel because it looks like there are Terminators riding them, lol.

Back at the fortress itself Rogul Dorn, reputed master of siegery, overlooks the defense of the palace.  His Imperial fists along with the Blood angels sell themselves dearly trying to stem the tide of chaos invaders.

From his perch he can direct the counter attack, and attempt to navigate Khan’s breakout as well.

Hopefully at some point he will remember to put his helmet on, lol.

Behind the walls, Imperial fists reinforcements rush to the defend the breach. You can also see the top of a Loyalist Reaver titan lurking behind the fortifications.

Further back Adeptus Custodes, and Fast Attack elements of the Blood Angels wait for their call to battle.

That’s about all the pictures I have that go together well. The rest are below, in no particular order.


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