Adeptus Mechanicus Terminus Ultra Conversion

Check out this sweet converted Terminus Ultra Pattern Land Raider.

Beast made this big boi up a while ago, and I just got the opportunity to show it off.

He wanted this vehicle it to have a sweet Mechanicus feel, so made sure to tech it all out with extra vents, coils, cogs, and more!

Ad mech always seems to have a special place in everyone’s hearts.  When you see conversions, they are either pretty much terrible, or off the wall amazing!

The Conversion

Since the Land Raider wouldn’t be transporting anyone, Beast just mounted the two single Lascannons into the front to allow for more cooling systems to be added into the side hatches.  

Additional targeting systems were added, as well as the necessary amount of Lascannons to make the Terminus Ultra variant itself.
It is hard to see, but the best (and quite possibly hardest) part IMHO is the recreation of the treads from plasticard to feature Cog symbols. 

You only really need to create just a few symmetrical treads, and then cast them in resin if the work is your own. 

It takes a lot of time and patience to make that many identical features like he did, but in the end it can pay off- a whole fleet of Land Raiders can be customized.
Three Sixty below.

How do you like the Mechanicus tweek? -MBG

You can checkout all of Beast’s featured work here. I also have a Mechanicus Label link as well that showcases all our Ad Mech posts. -MBG

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