The Waiting is Over, Arjac Rockfist!

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Check out this stunning conversion by Jkin.

This guy is a machine when it comes to hobbying, as he seems to crank out models at super human speed.

Today we take a look at his Arjac Rockfist model, all painted and ready for battle!

The Conversion

This Arjac started out as just a Wolf Guard Terminator, with all the necessary parts to make him “Arjac”.  I’m sure it is no coincidence that the etched rune on the Thunder Hammer is a “R”.After assembly, Jkin did a ton of work on this model, that is actually hard to see (and can be easily mistaken for the original parts- which makes it even better IMHO).

The Anvil on his back is actually sculpted over a wolf bit, with his rune carved into it.  Plus the back cape is all custom sculpted from green stuff as well- no small feat!

Then Jkin painted him all up in traditional Space Wolf colors, and if that wasn’t enough (which it never is with him), he also hand painted all the detail on Arjac’s shoulder pad as well.

An amazing piece of work from a remarkable hobbyist.

Three Sixty below.

You can checkout more of the crazy work Jkin puts out, HERE.

What do you think, is this the “Rock of Fenris”? -MBG

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