Toad + Dragon = Toad Dragon! FW Unboxing

Welcome another Unboxing Forge World article. Our first few articles, went over pretty well, so we’re pushing ahead with more!

This time we have, form the New Warhammer Forge, the Chaos TAMURKHAN ON TOAD DRAGON!

This thing is pretty fricking huge, and the detail on it is insane.

The Kit

Chaos Tamurkhan on Toad Dragon  available for 55 pounds from Forge World. This particular one was on display at the Games Workshop Bowie Battle Bunker, where incidentally you can order and pick up Forge World products!

The fell legend of Tamurkhan has been whispered for many centuries amongst the nefarious tribes of the Chaos Wastes. Some tales speak of him as a scion of the Great Kurgan, one of four sons each cast to the four winds to conquer and enslave. Others claim that he was once no more than vermin – a corpse-canker grown fat and clever on the spoils of the battlefield, swelled and transformed by the light of the Ruinous Powers. Perhaps the most fell creature under his command is the mighty Toad Dragon Bubebolos, a huge, reeking, primeval horror and greatest of all its bloated kind.
Full resin kit, model designed by Mark Bedford. Base not included. Courtesy FW’s site


Who wants one? -MBG

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