Boneswords, Tyrant Wings, + Runic Stormshields, Oh My!!! Get the New Bits!

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Welcome back to more exciting Monday posts featuring the New Space Wolf and Tyranid 40k releases! 

Well, I spent the majority of the weekend going though all the new box sets for Warhammer 40k, taking videos, prepping bits items, and making conversions.

And now the wait is over, because all the new Space Wolf, and Tyranid bits are up for sale RIGHT NOW on both the Spikey Bits Web Store and eBay store (auctions will start tonight around 10pm Eastern, and end in a week)

Plus the best part is all the new bits are all 20% OFF and Ship for FREE WORLDWIDE!!!!

You can checkout the break down of all the new models’ bits below, and don’t forget to watch our unboxing videos up on the Spikey Bits’ YouTube Channel.

Now remember these are just rough prices for the new bits. The market will set the price shortly. 
So of course, as awesome as we are, we’ll be watching and adjusting prices up or down as the market settles.
We suspect the hot sellers will be Tyrant Torsos and Legs (so you can make both kits from one), Boneswords, Tyrant Wings, Thunderwolves and Rider Legs, and 120mm oval bases for players who have to re-base their Tervigon conversions.
Head swaps are always pretty popular as well.
What do you think? What will be hot from these kits? -MBG

Thanks for remembering us for all your gaming needs! -MBG

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