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By Rob Baer | September 24th, 2012 | Categories: Chaos, Warhammer 40k, White Dwarf

Well the last bit of leaks about the book broke over the weekend with it on display at the UK Games Day.
One intrepid volunteer did a little Question and Answer session over on Faeit’s blog about his time with the book, and what is coming for the rest of us in the next two weeks!

I also added in my little white dwarf video review for new release completeness, as I posted that up on Sunday and a few of you may have missed it.

Be sure to take a look at my video review below, and if you happen to want any of the new Chaos Space Marines, check them out on advanced order here.

From Faeit:
Here is the final QnA compilation broken down once again for easier reading and less searching through all the material. Its late and now its my turn to sleep.

everything in the codex either had models or will have by the time the codex hits (from the current advance orders).

Veteran of the Long War is a chaos USR that gives Hatred: Space Marines this is defined as ALL space marine books e.g. SW, BA, GK, etc.

Single models carry the icon. So, yes, they can be sniped.

Icons require the specific Marks of Chaos

Lots of units can take gift of mutation for 10pts which allows a Boon table roll at the start of the game.

As far as I saw the only FOC manipulation is moving some of the elites to troops using marks for their relative gods

Sadly no legion material that I saw. You can theme things around particular gods if you like but otherwise it’s only paint that’ll set legions apart. Heresy books from FW do more than enough in that department though.

Marks for lords unlock the relevant elites to be troops e.g. khorne = berserkers.
Chaos Lords
Can chose from most sections of the wargear chart and can be a terminator. Main thing is that giving him a mark unlocks the elites for that particular god (e.g. noise marines for Slaanesh) as troops.

Then the lords can take a mark to make stuff troops if you don’t want an SC to do the same. Nothing saying you can’t have 2 lords with 2 different marks. Finally sorcerer with mark of tzeentch makes 1ks troops.

Dark Apostle
The Dark Apostle allows units within 6″ to use his leadership of 10.
FOC is HQ no way to become elite, 105pts, 
no sign of another model so only one model pose for this guy
cannot take terminator armour

Daemon Princes
WS9 BS5 S6 T5 W4 I8 A5 Ld9 5++ save that’s before any upgrades of course.
There is a special table for Daemon Princes and what they get for their Marks:

Khorne – Furious Charge, Hatred (Daemons of Slaanesh)
Tzeentch – Reroll saving throw results of 1, Hatred (Daemons of Nurgle)
Nurgle – Shrouded, Slow and Purposeful, Hatred (Daemons of Tzeentch)
Slaanesh – Fleet, Rending, Run an Additional 3″, Hatred (Daemons of Khorne)
Daemon princes are WS9 now at least so normal troops will be needing 5s in combat.
Prince doesn’t use icons as far as I can tell. You can pick which god he belongs to and make him upto mastery level 3 psyker.


Generate powers for free (Bio,Pyro,Telepathy). Don’t think mark makes them high mastery. Can pay 25pts per level to make a sorcerer upto ML3.

Yes, they start at 60pts and can take wargear from a lot of different sections of the list. Can pay 25pts per level to increase their mastery rating. They can be terminators and take bio/pyro/telepathy as standard. Can take chaos rewards & artefacts.

sorcerer with mark of tzeentch makes 1ks troops.

Comes with boltgun with inferno bolts
His warlord trait allows D3 INFANTRY units to infiltrate.

160pts, fearless, furious charge, mark of khorne

265pts. Chosen can be taken as troops. Can choose to either use Drach’nyen at +1S AP3 or Talon at x2S AP2 (both at full initiative). Gives preferred enemy space marines to every unit in 12″

Lucius the Eternal
Similar stuff. Lash reduces attacks and armour causes wounds when he passes saves. Gets a bonus in challenges that I can’t remember. Statline is the same. Noise marines are troops in his army.

Can all take a chain axe for +2pts. Champion can take anything from Melee or Ranged wargear list plus gift of mutation.
Squad can have Veterans of the Long War which is hatred of all marines (including GK, BA, SW, etc)
Fearless, Furious Charge and Mark of Khorne (Counter Attack and Rage)
chain axes are AP4. 
2 plasma pistols as before and still 15pts each.

Usual options and 31pts base cost each.

When a hellbrute loses a hull point you roll a D3 and have to try and direct the effects to the model that caused the damage.

 Roll a D3 in next movement phase. 1 = immobilised (temporary) but fire twice at unit that caused damage, 2 = recovers crew shaken/stunned then has Rage, 3 = recovers shake/stun and gets fleet & rage and must run if not within 12″ of an enemy

Noise Marines
Noise Marines are 95pts for 4 plus champ then 17pts each.
Fabius has FNP, Rod inflicts Instant Death, Needler is Ass 5 poisoned 2+. Think he’s 165pts
Sonic Blaster: 24″ S4 AP5 Salvo 2/3, Ignore Cover

Blastmaster: Same as before but adds Ignore Cover

Plague Marines
1) 120pts then 24 each
2) 90pts then 18pts. Too many options to list
Plague Marines have feel no pain

Thousand Sons
They’re 150pts for 4 + sorcerer then 23pts each (up to 15 more). Sorcerer can take gift of mutation (allows boon table roll at start of game)

Possessed are 26pts each in squads of upto 20, Daemon (5++ save), fearless, fleet, 2 attacls base. and roll on D3 table 1. re-roll to wound, 2. ap3 attacks, 3. +1 attacks and initiative.

2 base attacks and access to a lot of stuff

55pts each and can be in units of 3 maximum. Can take one of the marks of chaos. They’re like obliterators but CC versions. 2 wounds, 2 base attacks, 2+ save and can deep strike.
Can chose from pair of chainfists, lightning claws, power axes, power mauls and power swords but not the same twice in a row.

50 for first 10 and then 4 pts each for another 25 giving you 35 max in total.
50 points for 9 + champ and then 4pts for upto 25 more. One in every 10 can take flamer/stubber and champ can have a shot gun. Can take one of the four marks at 1 or 2 pts per model.

All can swap pistol for autogun for a point each. Then 1 in 10 can take heavy stubber/flamer and finally champ can have a shotgun.

All cultists in a Typhus army can be zombies. Get fearless, FNP and S&P. Can’t take any options and only count as having a single CC weapon.

cultists can take a mark but not icons. Plague zombies are just special cultists so I would say they’re scoring. With FNP and Fearless they’ll be hard to shift from an objective in cover too!

Chaos Space Marines
Basic loadout is cheap. Tons of options and can take mark/icon from all 4 gods. Cult marines are all elites and have mark of their appropriate god. Some can take icons.

they only got only a boltgun and bolt pistol
these guys have are 13pts each but 15 if you want CC weapon for the extra attack whilst keeping the bolter.

Fast Attack
A Rule is called Meteoric Descent though and can take hades autocannon or baleflamer.
Hades is 4 shots at S8 AP4 though.

Chaos Bikes
70pts for 2 plus champ then 20 each
not sure where this goes……
there are god specific steeds than give different bonuses e.g. +2 wounds, +1 attack for Nurgle one

Warp Talons
Warp Talons seem like they’ll be pretty good as they get a 5++ I think.
160pts for 4 plus champ then 30 each. Champ can take 2 gifts of mutation. All have a pair of lightning claws. Can’t take icons only marks. Can’t change weapons. Daemons rule gives them a 5++ save though so they’re 3+/5++

can take both marks and their appropriate icons.

Heavy Support
Havocs 75pts for 4 + asp champ, weapons are more reasonably priced FLAKK MISSILES ARE 10PTS PER MODEL AND CAN BE TAKEN WITH FRAG AND KRAK

Oblits are 70pts
 70 each (i.e. 5pts cheaper). Unit size of 3. Lose 1pt of Ld but otherwise same stats. Can take a mark.

can basically have two hades or two ectoplasma cannons (S8 AP2 Blast) – 25 points more if you want two ecto cannons

Land Raider
Land raider is pretty much unchanged from previous book but is 230pts

Only vehicle upgrades I saw were the ones already published in WD.

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