Magnus the Red Daemon Primarch of the Thousand Sons Chapter

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Greetings fellow wargamers!  From time to time I am called upon to build the Primarch of a Legion.  I’ve done a few incarnations of Fulgrim now, including this one, and this one, and at least one Angron.

Admittedly, not every figure is my most popular model.  The Angron and larger Fulgrim figures were just too big, for example.  But live and learn.  I did another incarnation of Magnus a few years ago, which sold rather quickly on ebay.

Behold my latest creation, Magnus the Red, Primarch of the Thousand Sons!  I’d love to tell you this figure is available for sell, but sadly this figure already sold, and in less than 24 hours from the time of posting.  Find the original listing in my ebay store, here.

This figure was the perfect storm.  About a week ago I got a hold of the body and legs of an 40mm model from the Inquisitor range, as well as the head and upper torso of an Eldar avatar. 

I started to see the potential for a Daemon Prince right away, but as I dug through my bits box I started to find other things:  a nice set of pewter Bloodthirster wings, some daemon prince arms, a clump of hair from a d and d miniature, ‘should pads’ from one of the many Cronos parasite engines I’ve used for conversions in the past, and before I knew it I had all the woking for a Magnus the red figure. 

I furiously started the assembly process and less than 4 hours later he was done.  I hadn’t worked with this much white metal in a while and forgot how much pinning is involved in making pewter figures stand firm.  That being said, my handy dandy drill made assembly a breeze.

His plinth base came from a spare towel bar fixture I had from renovating my bathroom.  It just goes to show you that you can use just about anything to convert up a figure!  You just need patience, plenty of room to hoard random things (I don’t have a bits box so much as a bits vault), and an eye for textures, shapes, and potential.

Although this was a unique creation, I’m confident we could build a figure if not exactly like this then very close to this.  In fact, I’ve already started looking around for parts.  Check back in a few weeks to see if I’ve managed to put together another one, if you missed your chance to buy this one.

Looking back at my old posts while writing this one, it’s pretty encouraging to see just how far my work has come in just a few years.  My scaling is much more balanced now, and I think I have a better eye for conversion work than I used to.  Clearly at least the buyer of this model thought so.  At the time I did the last Magnus conversion I thought it was pretty decent, but looking back now I realize how crude the model was and how the right parts make the difference.  

In that vein, if I were to do this figure again, iIfound the arms of the Daemon Prince a bit too long and gangly, proportionally.  I’ve got some Minotaurs arm bits I might try on the next version of this figure, in 40mm scale that might fit the bill a little better. (The new Maulerfiend kit has some sweet parts that would help too- MBG)

My name is Caleb and I a a conversion artist for hire.  WMG is a full service conversion and painting service.  Our resident painter Will Shuck is eager to get started on your next project, so contact me about one of our most recent army deals.

Or, if you’d like to commission a different primarch, or any other model, contact me at [email protected]

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Caleb, WMG (and Happy Gaming) -MBG

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