Fulgrim Ascendant- Daemon Prince of Slaanesh

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Caleb here from White Metal Games, with a sweet Daemon Prince Fulgrim for you to checkout!

A few weeks ago we converted up a Magnus the Red!  It was so coveted it sold in less than a day after being posted on ebay!

Our conversion engines were so revved at that point, we just had to go back for round two!  These most recent daemon princes were done for a client that recently won a 2000 point army in an auction!

He selected Chaos as his army and decided on a mixed army of CSM which included two Daemon Princes, one for Slaanesh and one for Tzeentch!

In this particular case the client was very willing to let us have a little fun.  He gave us leeway to go nuts and do as we pleased!  We discussed the idea of a Vulture headed Daemon Prince with cockatrice wings for the Tzeentch daemon and a ‘Fulgrim’ style daemon prince for the Slaanesh daemon.

We sort of think of the later as an Avatar of Fulgrim, and not the real Fulgrim.  That being said, he certainly could Count As a Fulgrim for games of Apoc or the like!

These models were a blast to work on!  We can’t wait for next week, when we’ll be building even MORE daemon princes!  Just can’t get enough!

 Don’t see what you like here?  Be sure to check out our ebay listing for a custom daemon prince and we’ll do our best to supply with a daemon prince/primarch of your dreams!

My name is Caleb and we are custom conversion artists for hire!  Contact me at [email protected] if you would like to discuss a potential project!


Enjoy the pictures below, Caleb, WMG

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