Relictors- Renegade? Space Marines Showcase

Hello there my fellow Spikey-nauts! (This is the term I’ve decided to use for us regular Spikey Bits Blog viewers, we’ll see if it sticks.) I suppose an introduction is in order, as this is my first post on the Spikey Bits Blog. 
I go by Gruebot on several other web forums, so I think I’ll stick with that here as well. I’m from Albuquerque, New Mexico where I game regularly with my 40k club ‘Bolters Con Queso. I’ve been playing 40k since about 93′ and just recently picked up Warmachine as well. I usually play Space Marines or Chaos Marines.
So today I’ve decided to post a few photos of my Relictors Chapter. For those of you who don’t know or have never heard of the Relictors, their back story can be found here: RELICTORS . Lets start with a few of my HQ choices. At this point I have one of all most one of every type painted up. As you can  just below is my Terminator Chaplain (one of the first models I painted for this force).

I have also a Terminator Librarian. As you can see there is a Slaneshi Chaos symbol on his force axe. I wanted to make his weapon somewhat chaotic so as to keep it in line with the Relictor’s back story. But I also really liked the force axe that this model all ready had so I decided to just embellish it.

 And lastly I have my SM Captain. In order to ‘chaosify’ his weapon I did a very simple conversion for this model. I really just switched out his normal sword with a daemon sword from a Bloodletter. I think it makes a great relic blade and fits perfectly with my overall theme.
          Well that’s all for today. I hope you enjoyed viewing this post as much I did writing it. See you soon!


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