Rumors: New 40k Flyers Coming Feb. 16th?

By Rob Baer | January 27th, 2013 | Categories: News / Rumors

Flyers are zooming onto the scene next month?

Well once again we have rumors about new flyer rules and models. Now it seems that this may be a stand alone book like Crusade of Fire, Battle for Black Fire Pass etc.

This seems to coincide with recent “no more rules in White Dwarf” rumors making the rounds.

Lately these supplements seem to sell out almost immediately, and promptly sell for substantially more on the secondary market after GW becomes sold out.

So who knows really at this point?  I would think if the only way to get some rules for a new model is in a limited print run book, that may not go over very well with players at all.

Buyer beware on this round of rumors guys, but thankfully we’ll know soon enough!

From Faeit

40k Flyer Supplement to be Released Feb. 16th

It looks like the flyer rumors are coming in again full swing with a new bit claiming a flyer supplement to be released in a couple short weeks. “Death From the Skies” seems to be the title, but we will see, as more information on flyers hopefully are forthcoming in the next week or so.

Please remember that these are rumors. Salt required.

via Kroothawk
A new 40k supplement book will be released on 16th February:
“Death from the Skies” (26€, mail order only, chance of being in English only).
More when I know more. But it certainly sounds like a flyer supplement.

via DarkWarrior1981 on Warseer
This is not as exciting as people may think. I saw the advert for the book at a local store; It contains only rules for fliers still on sale or with a codex entry (the Dark Eldar bomber is in), some fliers have their rules updated to 6th edition (whatever this means exactly). The only thing actually new is, that the Stormraven is now available to Codex Space Marines and Black Templars as well. Also you will find the flier rules from Crusade of Fire and new missions. The book will be on sale (no pre-order) from 16th of February, is direct only (so not from your FLGS), english language only and will not be limited stock.

No More Rules in White Dwarf

So reading through this rumor, it seems that someone from the design team is upset that rules are being released in White Dwarf. I am not sure if this rumor refers to “White Dwarf Inserts”, but if it does, that would good bye to any rules updates, or new models being introduced in the White Dwarf Magazine.

Personally I would take a lot of salt with this rumor. However there are a few people, mostly of questionable integrity, that are buying this bit completely and writing off White Dwarf completely, for example the flyer update that is rumored for March/April.

Please remember that this is a rumor, take with a lot of salt, since its quite contradictory to a lot that has been going on.

via a Birdy and Darnok over on Warseer
I have been told that the recent update of apple codex’s with rules not updated elsewhere was an oversight by the design team, and that a pdf will become available “once someone has time.” As a result of the negative feedback on these ipad updates and whitedwarf content, the design team has said they won’t be including rules for armies in whitedwarf anymore.

More rumors that are saying there will be a flyer supplement coming in a few short weeks. February 16th is the current timeline for its release according to rumors, so seeing leaks and pre-orders in the next couple weeks looks likely.

I am hoping that if this supplement is released, that there is at least some new rules and models for flyers. Still looking forward to getting a couple Voidraven Bombers.

Please remember that these are rumors, so salt is required.

via Lorizael over on Dakka Dakka
My sources say this will be a 70 page “compendium”. 

It will have updated 6th edition rules for flyers: 

Stormraven (now available to space marines and BT) 
Storm Talon 
Ork Bomba / dakka jet / burna bomba 
Valkyrie / vendetta 
Razorwing & Voide Raven 
Night Scythe / doom scythe 

also dog fighting rules from crusade of fire and a new flyers scenario. 
I’m told this book will be a range item and not a limited release.

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