Kroot + Catachan = Krootichan Conversion

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This is CJ, the semi-local Tau-Khador-IG nut. Today I want to show you how to create a Krootichan. The idea came to me as in getting a lot of my IG units I have found that I had Catachans who didn’t match my Cadian Guard and my Kroot came 16 to a box when the squad size allowed is up to 20 guys.

Oddly enough they come with extra weapons though, so I decided to make use of my now retired Catachans and my extra Kroot Rifles to create something I call a Krootichan.

So, to make this wonderful little due you will need 2 things:
Catachan and Kroot rifle. I just happen to have here a old Catachan (weapon already removed) and a Kroot Rifle with me here today, lets call him Bob.

Now, the first step is to remove Bob’s left arm, its only temporary

The next step is to dissect the Kroot rifle to allow for Bob’s hand

Next, the majority of the Kroot Rifle should be added to the Bob’s right hand with enough room for his arm to cup the stock of the rifle.

Glue Bob’s arm back on at an angle where he is cupping the stock of the rifle ahead of the chamber, there might be a gap, this is okay. (Side note – for a easier conversion the Heavy weapons teams hold their weapons level, requiring no arm adjustment.)

Next glue the Butt Stock to the bottom of the Bob’s weapons hand:

If you have a gap then some Games Workshop Liquid Greenstuff can be used to fill any gaps between the arm and the shoulder.:

Now Bob has gone from Catachan to Krootichan and is hunted by Imperial troops if they ever see him (All the more reason for his squad to roll high), and your Kroot force for your Tau army has gone from 16 to 17 guys with a unique piece.

I hope that y’all get some use from this simple, yet dramatic weapons swap, and maybe some use of  some older Catchan models which may have fallen by the wayside of gamers collections over the years.
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