Review: DreamForge-Games Plastic Leviathan TItan

By Rob Baer | February 20th, 2013 | Categories: Product Review, Titan, Videos, Warhammer 40k

Recently I got a large package of goodies in the mail from DreamForge-Games which contained my first batch of Kickstarter pledges!

I wasn’t able to dive into all the new models that day, but I did manage to finally record a proper review for you guys over the weekend.
So far I am very impressed by the quality of these products, from the packaging right down to the models themselves.

It’s not every day that a single person comes along and quite possible puts the industry on notice- not only to the capabilities of independent game designers, but also the quality that is attainable in just a few short months of development from a skilled design engineer.

Plus this is just the first run of goodies, the Mortis Pattern (Chaos) Titan will be following soon along with all sorts of extra attachment weapons for both titans, as well as the Eisenkern Heavy Troopers (Terminators)!  Plus I’m sure Mark has something special cooking for the whole Iron-Core Universe as well!
The sky seems to be the limit for DreamForge-Games, and one day we may all look back at 2013 as the beginning of something great for independent game developers!
Checkout my review of the Leviathan Crusader Titan below, and don’t forget even if you didn’t take part in the Kickstarter, you can still get these models by Pre-Ordering them now, as wave one will be arriving in stores this week! -MBG

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