Attack of The 20 Foot Tall Space Marine?!!

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Aw snap! Apparently someone got a hold of the 20 foot tall inflatable Space Marine pattern that Games Workshop used to display at Chicago Games Day and made some adjustments?

“Slash Gordon” anyone?

Looks like we may just be seeing these all over the country as the housing market continues to improve.

Or will we? Is another big cease and desist action on the way here shortly? -MBG

Courtesy of Blood of Kittens!

Someone sent this to my inbox a few days ago. I just couldn’t help but share it with the world. It seems that a certain company is making giant Space Marine figures. You may wonder what I mean by giant. I am talking like a 20 feet tall giant!
So, now you may also wonder how would someone make a Space Marine that big? Well the answer is pretty easy. All you have to do is make it inflatable! Inflatable like the King Kong giant plastic balloon outside your local used car dealership.
Don’t be believe here take a look…

Inflatable Space Marine

OH, oh it gets better, here is another for scale…

More Space Marine

As you can see Landmark Creations is responsible for the Ultramarine near your closest housing development. This loveable blowup doll goes by the name “Slash Gordon”, because Ultramarines look like Flash Gordon characters…how?
So, exactly how long will it take for Games Workshop to find out about this and stop it? I hope so quickly, because if GW is all about quality and integrity of their IP “Slash Gordon” certainly doesn’t past muster. Even better it looks like Landmark Creations has no idea they are ripping off GW as they believe that “Slash Gordon” is an “electric blue Transformer-type action figure” from their own press release.

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