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Yup, it’s official, for the first time in seven years, we have us a full fledged Eldar release!  Gamers everywhere are scrambling highly anticipated Eldar release of 2013.  

Best part is, over on the webstore our stock is on the way, and we’re selling them for our normal everyday discount of 20% OFF MSRP!

So get your orders in now, because if the Tau release was any indication, the guys may literally fly off the shelf!

Eldar Release

We are currently accepting taking orders for the new Eldar models below.

We recommend ordering your items as early as possible so that we can try to provide them from the first shipment we receive!  

If North America does not experience any shortages for this release, all orders should ship out per normal once we receive our stock for the release as normal. 
If our order IS allocated, we will ship out as many orders as we can with the stock provided to us.  All pre-orders will then be filled on a first come first serve order from there, if shortages occur.
Please read our Pre-Order FAQ for more details on how we handle our pre-orders.  Thanks a lot for your understanding as to our Games Workshop Pre-Order policy.

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