Amazing Glowy Necron Army for WargamesCon

By Rob Baer | October 11th, 2013 | Categories: Armies on Parade, Necrons, Warhammer 40k

Welcome to Armies on Parade; Army Showcase where I display (in hopefully good detail) the best of the all great looking armies I’ve featured from major tournaments all across the United States.

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It’s like you were at a major event yourself, all from the comfort of your home or smart phone!  -Enjoy MBG

Checkout this awesome raffle army that Next level Painting just finished up for WargamesCon!

If you look close you’ll see some custom converted Crypteks that I did for the army as well!  More on those guys later!
After entertaining multiple ideas for the color scheme, we opted for a classical take on the traditional look. We chose a basic antique metal and Object Source Lighting effects for the army, along with temple ruins for the bases.

The blue in the bases really contrasts well with the neutrality of the metals and the green highlights. This force is a good representation of the variety of models in the new Necron codex, and features many of the new sculpts. For a chance to win this army, you can pick up tickets here:


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