Space Marines Updated on Army Builder!

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Space Marine files have arrived for Army Builder!

That’s right now you can make lists for the new Space Marine codex on Army Builder with allies even!

So what are you waiting for.. go build an army silly!  -MBG

Courtesy of  the 19th Legion

Thanks to the crew working on the Army Builder update for the Space Marine Codex! The update posted today and I’ve been playing around with it ever since! 

While AB has many critics a lot of people depend on it for their list building needs. I like the ability to endlessly fiddle around and tweak list to get them just right. I should mention one thing though; you still cant ally Space Marines with Space Marines yet. I’m sure it will be along in an update shortly. 

Also it looks like the development crew is working on a AB version that is compatible with your IPAD! That will totally rock! Any Thanks again guys for your hard work to everyone else enjoy!

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