Imperial Guard Army On Parade- Battle Bunker Winner

A friend of mine built this impressive Imperial Guard display for last summer’s Games Workshop Armies On Parade contest.

He entered it at Games Workshop Bowie, MD and needless to say it was the winner.

I took some photos at the beginning, middle and end of the construction process. Here it is in all its glory.

The 2’X2′ display is built mostly from medium density insulation foam stacked upon a piece of heavy particle board. The foam was then carefully cut to shape. The added texture is textured paint. The plastic trenches are from Games Workshop’s Wall Of Martyrs scenery kits. The tunnel roof was made from air dried clay.

Here you can see that the whole board has been textured. Doors into the mountain have been added. The doors and road decking are made using press molds of the GW Bastion doors and trench kit flooring respectively. Note the communications array in the upper right.

The tunnel door which is scratch built can been seen behind the tanks on the road. Dragon’s teeth tank traps made from air dry clay have been added. The texture and GW scenery pieces have been painted.

Here is the finished display with the converted Valkyrie on the landing pad and troops in the trenches. The bases of the troopers match the decking in the trenches via press molding.

Here’s a closeup of the tanks on the road and the display sign in front. Notice the converted SPA (self propelled artillery) behind the Leman Russ Executioner.

Here you can see the attention to detail in every aspect of the display as even the oval base of the Valkyrie is made from a GW landing pad so that it matches the scenery upon which it sits.

It took months for my friend to build and paint all the many varied parts of this display, but the effort clearly shows in the terrific finished result. 

It’s going be tough for my friend to top this fabulous Armies On Parade display this year, but he’s already pondering what to do for his 2014 entry. I’m looking forward to seeing what he comes up with this time.

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