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The Warhammer Daemon Prince model is a great kit with lots of options that also offers terrific conversion possibilities. Here’s how I turned one to the look and power of Tzeentch.
Some of you may recall my article about the Slaanesh Daemon Prince conversion I did a while back. I finished that project the weekend the model was released as I was so excited about it.

I’ve always wanted to do something like it for each of the remaining three major Chaos powers in Games Workshop’s Realm Of Chaos lore. Recently, I turned my imagination loose on another Daemon Prince kit for the purpose of converting for Tzeentch.

This Tzeentch Daemon Prince project is therefore my second such Chaos cult specific conversion. I started with the basic Games Workshop Daemon Prince kit, then began rummaging through sets and bits boxes for pieces I thought might fit the theme.

Tzeentch mutated and spellbound creatures often have common themes such as a bird-like appearance and ancient Egyptian inspired aesthetics. This led me to search through other GW Chaos bits from both Warhammer game ranges and the Tomb Kings range as well.

The start of this conversion was based around that amazing thunderhammer arm from the relatively new Chaos Space Marine Helbrute kit. I blended this to the Daemon Prince body and filled the gaps as needed. Part of the conversion work is concealed by the cool pauldron (shoulder pad) that comes with the Daemon Prince kit. The biotech look of the arm was exactly what I wanted as a central theme for this conversion.

A sorcerous staff is an item commonly associated with Tzeentch magic users. I built a custom staff for my Daemon Prince using bits from two other Chaos kits besides the Daemon Prince box set.

I glued feathered wings to this model because they are often seen in Tzeentch daemon artwork and on Tzeentch themed sculpts from GW rather than the leathery wings of many other daemons. Some trimming of the torso and wings was necessary. Later on I filled in gaps as needed.

A banner topper from a Tomb Kings kit often makes a great decoration for Tzeentch themed Chaos projects. You can see the bit on sprue in the photo and what it looked like after I trimmed off the hanging decorations. The dangling skulls did not go to waste.

I carefully glued the skulls from the banner topper to hang from the belt of the Daemon Prince. You can see in the work-in-progress photo that I’ve added one already, the second skull was then glued adjacent to it.

Next, I glued the banner topper onto the Daemon Prince and filled in any unpleasing gaps around the wing attachment points. At this point I also attached the head to the model. It’s best to leave that to near the end of the project so you can adjust the gaze of the model according to what looks good based on arm positions and stance. The bird head is from the Exalted Chariot Of Tzeentch kit. It just seemed perfect for this conversion. After this next photo was taken I filled in the gaps near the banner topper decoration and around the head as needed and cleaned up the joins a bit too.

Here’s the finished model ready to smite those who obstruct the convoluted and inscrutable plans of the Changer of Ways. I wanted to emphasize the bird-like legs so I left them unarmored. I also deliberately built this conversion to be an odd mix of technology, daemon and mutated fusion of the organic with the inorganic. It’s a look that featured prominently in Games Workshop’s original Realm Of Chaos artwork and model range and I really wanted to create a model with that look and feel to it.

I bought a fabulous Micro Arts Studio Chaos themed base at FTW Games in Richmond, Virginia a few years ago and I finally found a project fitting to stride atop it.

All that’s left now to do is paint this newest Daemon Prince of Tzeentch. I’ll be covering the painting process in another article here soon.

Projects like this are what keep me in the Warhammer hobby. It’s still exciting to me after all these years to have a vision for a unique conversion and then see it come to life as I build and paint it.

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