Showcase – Ride of the Worm King Army

Hey all Brandon from GMM back again!  I have had, over the course of the past month since Adepticon ended, a ton of people ask or note that they had no idea if there were pictures of the army.  

I understand this as there were so many pictures of the display before the army shots some people’s scrolly-finger may have worn out. 🙂  With that in mind I figured it couldn’t hurt to just post up the army and this time add a few words of description to each as well.
Thanks as always for giving it a read! 🙂

The “Worm King.” This model is based on a Bretonnian Leoncour, with Jabberslythe wings, a Valkia the Bloody shield, a Forge World Vampire Counts BSB head, a Bretonnian Reliquae lance arm, and some feathers from Karl Franz.  Phew!  I think I got them all…

The banner is plasticard, carried by a limited edition Archaon torso over a Khorne hero’s legs.  The shield is from Bretonnian Battle Pilgrims.  His mount is a Jabberslythe without wings and an Ironblaster bit for howda.

3 Skullcrushers.  Plague toads with platforms added to the top.  Too many bits to count from this point on, but there are a ton!  Bases are Dragon Forge with homemade carved movement trays.

The two core Nurgle chariots – pulled by nurglings.  Wheels on all chariots from random different parts.  It may seem all 5 are based on the Corpse Cart but only a couple actually are, more are plasticard and scratch built than not.

The “executioner” chariot and first of the three Gorebeasts.  I used the frogs for the Gorebeasts and liked the idea of having a single heroic model and some nurglings than keeping strictly to two crewmen per chariot.

The “herald” chariot.  There are a LOT of green stuff worms in that cart!

Finally the “bully.”  I wanted one chariot that was just a cart and a giant guy stuffing it.  Silly to the point he’s probably better off walking.

This is a Hellcannon in the list, and based on a Chaos Dwarf artillery piece and a plague toad.

Fifteen core Warriors of Nurgle.  I added helmets, swapped weapons, added random bits and bobs and worms.  The shields are scratch built.

Five core hounds. I was really happy with the green fur, and how it isntt a worm but tied them in with the army just fine.

And to finish the play on words of “worm” – one of the Chimeras.  This is a Forge World Warpfire Dragon.
Thanks for hanging out for a bit and checking out the army (possibly again).  Until next time! Oh and always feel free to follow on twitter or facebook if you prefer. 

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