40k Showcase- Emperor’s Children Legion Praetor

Varrus Corxeion Blade Master of the 3rd Millennial, Emperor’s Children Purified.

The Purified were an order established at the very start of the Legion’s creation that attempted to create a system of excellence with the nascent legion. Unknowingly mirroring their gene father’s Legacy for excellence in all things the Purified admitted only those gifted with martial superiority and battle tactics. Although scant records exist concerning this minor foot note in history, it is known that Varrus Corxeion was First Blade or Blade Master. 
Corxeion was attributed with the Scouring of the Mandella Equation and the Third Insurrection of the Ffar. The details of these campaigns has been lost to history, Corxeion having no formal record afterward. It is unknown what actions he took during the great crusade. 
A commission piece for a larger Heresy Force. Enjoy the better photos Aaron. 

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