Chaos Forgefiend – Plasma Madness

Who wants daemon engines? Sure we all do! I just added a third Fiend to my Chaos Space Marine army, this one’s a Forgefiend with all plasma.

I already painted a Maulerfiend and a Forgefiend with autocannons a couple years ago so I thought I’d round out the triad of doom with an all ectoplasma Fiend.

I’m a fan of variety and it’s way more interesting to me modeling and painting different builds than simply “spamming” the one build that is deemed most useful for gaming. I know plasma can be a bit unreliable, but the giant ectoplasma cannons look really cool and when all that plasma fire does work out it’s devastating at vaporizing the enemy!

The basic color scheme, decorations and basing all match the other daemon engines in my Chaos Renegade legion. 

I chose green for the plasma coils to make them stand out from the rest of the color palette used on the model. After many graduated layers of various green paints, washes and glazes I topped the coils off with some gloss varnish (Citadel ‘ard Coat) to make them shiny so as to enhance the glowing effect.

The top of the model is adorned with the same nebula pattern used on my other daemon engines, pauldrons and various other areas of my Chaos Marine army.

The finished model is ready to wreak havoc upon all who stand before the power of Chaos! I’ve used lava basing as a theme for many of the models in my Chaos Space Marine army, especially the larger ones.

My latest Forgefiend now joins the ranks of my other foul possessed Chaos machines from the dark depths of deep space.

Coming soon, mass Helbrute attack!

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