Fresh Paint Showcase: Old School Chaos Marines

By GMM Studios | October 17th, 2014 | Categories: Chaos, GMM

Hey all!

Have a new army up, this time a Chaos Marine army based around Sons of Malice.  It’s full of really cool old out of print models, and old chassis Rhinos.

This actually isn’t a commission, but a paint job for a local friend who did some work for me.  He wasn’t too particular, so I went with a bit of a fall look, and decided to go all out with the weathering on the vehicles.  The models are old, and honestly rather plain without it, so the quartering and weathering brings them up to date and they can now rock with the newer models.

A lot of cool stuff coming up.  Some more appropriately Fall themed armies, as well as posts on starting up Adepticon projects.  Stay tuned!



























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