NEWS – Forge World Releases for Warhammer Fest

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Forge World just dropped a bucket of new models on everyone this morning that will be on sale at Warhammer Fest this weekend.

Look for tons of pictures from the eventof the new Solar Auxilia, along with a new Knight Titan variant, AND Imperial Armor 13 (Forces of the Lost and the Damned).

I really love the ornate styling on the trooper models, you can definitely tell these guys were very well equipped and supplied as they fought the early stages of the great crusade alongside the fledgling Astartes Legions!

30k (Horus Heresy) is rapidly shaping up to be a super fun format with plenty of character and feel to it almost as if its a separate game in it’s own right.

Checkout all the new stuff below, and care to hazard a guess at the purpose/stats of the new Knight variant? -MBG

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