40k Review – Shield of Baal: Leviathan

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The first book in the new Shield of Baal campaign series is out and man this is a sweet set!

SnapShot(157)If you play Tyranids this two book set has all the new datasheets for the splash releases that just came out for them, and six new formations for the bugs that may prove to be just what they needed to stay afloat in the sea of 7th Edition.

They also get a new way to take to the field and new set of warlord traits to boot!


The set is done in the Fantasy End Times format of one larger 160 page book with fluff and one smaller codex sized book with the actual rules for playing with the new supplement.

SnapShot(156) SnapShot(152) SnapShot(153)

Unlike the End Times books, there is no groundbreaking shake up to the game with Leviathan, just new rules for the Tyranids and some additional rules for Cities of Death and Death from the Skies.

Speaking of fluff, the story is pretty good so far detailing the events of the invasion of the Cryptus System on the way to the planet (and system) of Baal, home of the Blood Angels.

I can’t wait to read the next one (which is rumored to be titled Deathstormand should be coming soon).

Take a full look at the newest 40k supplement below in our latest video review. -MBG

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